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A difference in perspective can change everything. My art comes from a different perspective, it is the physical manifestion of letting my mind wander with a brush in hand. Born from doodling, I trained myself to expound on the eccentricities of my imagination and over time they took shape as pieces of art. Everyone has bizzare and strange thoughts, though most of us dismiss them with a chuckle or a head shake. I paint them.

When I start a piece I feed off of the excitement of the vision. Abrupt left turns are commonplace and a piece rarely turns out as originally imagined. I really enjoy those bends and turns because it makes my work as much a surprise to me as anyone. I know I am done with a piece when it stops talking to me. Through use of acrylics, watercolor and tattoo ink I've made my imagination come alive on canvas and skin. That is what i love most about my work.

As for where my work is going, you would be better suited to ask it instead of me... I'm not leading it, I'm following.