Fail!…. and link dump

Well, I got maybe half way through my “wild flower” and realized that I could do better. Crap, once your realize that there’s no going back, you HAVE to start again. There are elements I like, but the main focus of the flower is stiff and boring, see for yourself….

Ick :P

So, on to the link dump… I thought since I wouldn’t be posting a new work for another day or two I’d share some random links… I am an absolute hoarder of links! here ya go…

Moo custom business cards – My boss showed up yesterday with a very mini box of business cards all using different images of her artwork… they are adorable!.. She said it was very easy to set up.. she just pointed the site at a gallery she had of facebook and they did the rest. They really are too cute :)

Exotic Goldfish – I don’t keep fish, which might be why I had no idea how many different goldfish there are… ones that look hunchbacked, ones that have double tail fins.. lots of pretty pictures here.

Liquid Light - Liquid Lights are custom built, industrial designed light installations that experiment with the fusion of art, function and environmental consciousness. The work is by Tanya Clarke. Go look, her work is really beautiful.

Eyvind Earle at Gallery 21 – I fell in love with Eyvind’s work the first time I saw sleeping beauty.. what? was there a story line there? sorry, distracted by the gorgeously detailed backgrounds lol.

the Saint Johns Bible – this is a must see no matter what your believes are… A 10 year project to create a modern “illuminated text” bible… all hand done.. even the writing… wow, just wow

I’m hoping I’m not the only link-hoarder around and some of you will have a few to share? g’head, give me something to distract from my aforementioned crushing failure :)

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