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Blue Starr Art title with feathered peacock snake with blue ringed octopus tentacle and winged lizard with fish fins and cephalopod suckers

The Painting Gods Have Smiled . . .

Several days ago I had a strong urge to paint. It has been years since I’ve done much with paint and canvas. So, like anyone who is staying home for months without income, I ordered alot of supplies. Everyone one does that, right?


Themed Art Thursday: Surreal Strawberries

This strawberry is the inspiration for this post. It showed up in my strawberry patch a few years ago. Nothing I’ve grown since has topped it. Who doesn’t love elephant shaped strawberries?


The Rabbit Hole of Website Revamping

(or How I dragged myself from under my basic HTML rock)

The number of COVID cases in Rochester, NY is increasing at an uncomfortable rate so . . . I'm staying home. I may as well be productive, right? I will spend the time updating my website (last done in 2014), and perhaps growing my online presence.

There have been some changes since 2014.

I have worked on my site in the same fashion since I first built it in 2000, I use Notepad. I had an interesting time finding a plain text program for either my Ipad mini or my Chromebook that's so old Google no longer supports it. A plain text editor is the only tool I've ever used for website construction.


"I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality."

Frida Kahlo

Latest Work

colored pencil by Starr, Seahorse, peacock, octopus hybrid sitting on eggs
colored pencil by Starr, red eyed tree fish