Been a while….

Long story short…. bought a house, not just any house… a 1867 victorian (squeeeee!!!!) Ok, I’m very excited about my new project ( people have done nasty modernizing things to it that I must undo) so I realized the other day that not only have I not painted much at all but I have let this blog die 🙁

So, because I have no new paintings and I’d like to begin the resurrecting of this blog I will share some photos of my new baby (house) and some tattoos I’ve done recently….

See all the destroying I’ve been doing? Cardio and lead poisoning all rolled into one 🙂

A prettier view…. I have yet to rip apart the outside, but that siding will go sooner or later

These two are different angles of the third floor (formerly) maid’s quarters…. and what will be my art studio. It’s huge and interestingly shaped… I love it.

Pretty lily for a first timer… it took 3 hrs and she was a trooper!

This is on Nadia, our periodic counter girl, she is awesome and she lets me do wonderfully bizarre stuff on her.

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