Beware what you ask for…

Well, a post or two back I was fantasizing about locking myself away for a week and just doing art. I got my wish… sort of. I threw my back out last Thurs. at work and have been in bed ever since. Aside from feeling guilty for not being at work, and not being able to just jump up to get more coffee, go to the bathroom… anything, I did get some artwork done sitting on my butt all day. I completed a larger scale version of the osprey skull I posted earlier and am so pleased with it! No, it’s not a grand work of art… but I like it. That’s a huge achievement for me. I’ve come across two new thoughts also… it’s ok for art to look like art, instead of what  exactly what it’s of, and art’s not a competition. How often do artists look at a finished work and think of some other artist who could have done it better? I do all the time… it doesn’t measure up to my idea of what someone else’s standards are…. well, that’s just stupid and it cripples me…. so in the process of repainting the osprey I kept thinking “do I like this? does it please me to look at it?” When I could answer ‘yes’ to those questions the painting was done and I find myself content about a piece I did. YAY!

now if only I could convince my best friend of all this….

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