The Painting Gods have smiled . . .

Several days ago I had a strong urge to paint. It has been years since I’ve done much with paint and canvas. So, like anyone who is staying home for months without income, I ordered alot of supplies. Everyone one does that, right?

Side note: every once in a while a starving artist is starving because it’s hard to stop buying paint and canvas once you’ve started.

Now, what am I going to paint? Well, here is where the godly smiles come in.  Several years ago I started sketching a series of dragons. Then lost the sketchbook.

I have now found it!


pencil sketch of cute dragon

pencil sketch of two dragons

pencil sketch of two cute dragons

And that’s not all! The day my supplies arrived I found a large bag of paints I’d forgotten I had.

large bag of golden fluid acrylic paint


Sometimes god’s name is Murphy.

2 thoughts on “The Painting Gods have smiled . . .

    1. Ya know, scrawled inside the cover of that sketchbook was “absinthe makes the heart grow fonder” and for some reason I thought of you. 🙂

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